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     Dale was born and raised just out side of Boston, but it was not until he moved to Denver Colorado that he was introduced to the world of House and Trance. Attending clubs on a daily basis, "except for Monday...there never seems to be a good night on a Monday", he fell in love with the music and soon found himself picking up every new track he could find. These two aspects of his life, dancing at clubs several times a week and an appreciation for the music, lead to a fascination with the workings in the DJ booth.
     In 1997 he moved to Korea where he worked on perfecting his mixing and programming, "There wasn't a lot to do there". Then in 1998 he moved to Guam and DJed at two weekly nights, House Blend at Temple and Dungeon at Ground Zero. By the end of 1999 and the beginning of 2000 Dale had moved back to the Boston area and has started to get booked at gigs in the local area.